Background: Born on a farm, schooled by nature and the harsh climate of English boarding schools, I am a talented but sensitive man who has spent my life healing and integrating those early experiences, bruised by patriarchy on the one hand and inspired by the freedoms of hippy youth culture on the other.

My rich life experiences include graphic design, wood carver & craftsman in wood, business partner, repairer, restorer renovator, builder of sheds. I am a qualified counsellor, an eco-Buddhist mystic, grower of food and healthy living, writer, photographer and student of drystone wall building on our sacred mountainside here in Liguria.

My trainings include:

BA in Graphic Design (1973), Psychosynthesis Counselling (1993), Voice Dialogue Counselling (2012). I recently qualified to be a Breathwork facilitator, currently running regular breathwork sessions for members of ‘The Male Journey’. See main menu for more about this.

I am active in men’s groups online. I bring gentle presence and empathy to all the therapeutic work I undertake as a psychospiritual mentor and guide, in service to a better world.

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