Welcome to my new site.

I am someone who operates on many different levels and brings extensive life experience to my various enterprises and interests.

In a nutshell these activities are an expression of my core beliefs that to be a rounded person I need to strive for a balance of being and doing in the world, in ways that draw equally on my physical body, my intellectual powers and my emotional, intuitive, feeling self – and through all this a sense of wonder in just ‘being alive’!

I try to live with a reverence for all life, in a complex and increasingly fragile world. My life has been a constant and restless search for this elusive balance of being and doing, as well as a search for a spiritual meaning that underpins life itself. I am guided in this by the philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism as well as a Gnostic Christian path, in which we are encouraged to follow our path for the benefit of others as well as for ourselves.

Music, Art and nature have always been sources of inspiration. I am drawn to the extraordinary within the ordinary things and events in life. I see myself as a Mystic Pragmatist, bringing together practical logic and mystic wisdom.

Posted by Ardhan Swatridge